Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mystical items:The seven daggers of Megiddo

These daggers are mentioned in the movie „Omen III“. Apparently, daggers aren't from this world, but are made out of material of some comet. The daggers apparently posses the ability to kill Antichrist, because they aren't from this world.

The daggers aren't real, but fictional objects. There is not even one historic source about existence of any daggers, which have the mystic powers to kill the Antichrist. Many of items like the Holy Chalice are more fiction than the fact. Objects related to Jesus Christ got their mystical powers much later. It is possible that Christianity silently accepted pagan practices, traditions and believes to become easily more popular among pagan tribes. There are many sources about pagan traditions that mention other objend some of the objects sacred to pagans that have similar attributes like the items related to the Passion of Jesus Christ. Documentary named: "Megiddo I: March to Armageddon explains the Book of Revelation. Bible contains about 27% of prophecies. Many of them have happened already, and some of them are yet to come.

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