Friday, 15 April 2011

Devils Bible

The Codex Gigas or "Devils Bible" is the largest known medieval manuscript of bible, medicine, magic and encyclopedia of history. According to the legend, The "Devils Bible" is a product of one single monk who wrote it in a single night. The Codex Gigas was written in the time period of 1230-1260 AD in Bohemia (Czech Republic).

The book is held today at Swedish Royal Library in Stockholm. Based on the forensic research results such as UV light exposure, historical manuscript style analysis, behavioral handwriting analysis, ink analysis, forensic graphology and other researches, it was confirmed that the Devils Bible was written by a single monk. In medieval times, it was common for the Bibles to be written by many authors or scribes, who collaborated jointly in scriptorium's of monasteries, but unlike those Bibles, Codex Gigas is written by a single author. The colossal size of "Devils Bible" dwarfs all manuscripts ever made trough the history of literature. The "Devils Bible" was used in exorcism rituals.

The legend says that unknown Benedictine black monk made a pact with the Devil to create a largest Bible. The history of this book is surrounded with mysteries, accidents, black plague, bankruptcies, mental illnesses and other unusual events. The Devils Bible has changed many owners over the times of history.

Owners of this book were:

- Benedictine black monks,

- Benedictine white monks,

- Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II and

- Swedish Queen Christina.

The Devils Bible was nearly destroyed in 1697 in a castle fire. According to the legend, it was mysteriously saved by a castle servant, who throw it out through a castle window. However, the analysis made on the "Devils Bible" didn't find any traces of burning residues. Although the Devils Bible is connected with occult  activities and has a large painting of the devil, it was used mostly for good purposes.